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We are a powerhouse of innovation, we are IRYStec

We are architects of change, continuously building innovative technology that can make a difference in millions of lives. We put our heart in what we do, and we recognize that innovation is core to IRYStec and key to our success. 

We bring the best thinking together. Extraordinary knowledge is housed under our roof. We encourage new ideas and respect each other’s contributions. We are stronger as a team.


We believe in our people and we empower them to express their opinions. We are open, ethical and fair. We take personal ownership in the quality of our work. We are IRYStec's best ambassadors.

We are convinced that knowledge holds the key to our future and to the future of generations to come. Innovation is about human ingenuity transformed into real life applications. Broadening our knowledge is a continued effort, regardless of age, credentials and experience. Learning is a life style.

We are a vibrant, committed and fun team with drive, ambition and incredible cultural richness. The commitment to our areas of expertise is acknowledged and celebrated. We applaud our accomplishments as it reinforces our attitude to new opportunities.

At IRYStec we believe that our team health and well-being is vital for their performance. Our world-class facilities, situated in Old Port Montreal, provide a productive and inspiring environment. Open landscape, access to rooftop terrace and BBQs, and a comprehensive group plan benefits.


"Since I started thinking about founding IRYStec, my highest priority has always been to surround myself with amazing people and build a great team. It seems like a simple goal but it takes a lot of effort and team work to keep the culture and spirit of our team. Every single new team member has a huge impact on our culture. IRYStec has become a family. Our family has been through the startup roller coaster together and only got stronger and closer. We are always looking for smart and passionate individuals to join our family & the extraordinary journey of building cutting-edge display software products."

Tara Akhavan
Co-founder & CTO