Display your best.

Display your best

in an environment built for growth and innovation

Innovation is core to our success...

We foster and encourage innovation and ideas and are continuously building innovative technology that has potential to make our lives better. We recognize that innovation is core to IRYStec and to our success.

We also recognize that a hunger to learn is fuel for innovation, so regardless of age, credentials or experience, everyone on the team has the view that they can always learn more.

This focus, coupled with our relentless can-do attitude, allows us to face adversity with courage and face our challenges with optimism.

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... and success is seriously fun.

We're going to be straight with you, we are working hard to achieve some serious company goals. For us, fun at work comes from working with a great team to achieve these goals and our results speak for themselves. 

We are currently working with some of the world's largest mobile and automotive manufacturers, and along the way we've continued to receive startup accolades as 2016 Champion of the Silicon Valley Forum World Cup Tech Challenge, 2016 Winner of the Fundica Roadshow, and 2017 Winner of the TIEcon Pitchfest. Winning is fun.

This is how we do it.

In addition to a can-do attitude and a learning mindset, we look for people who are confident as leaders in their field, but humble and respectful on a high-performing team. Those ingredients allow us to build teams where people are free to express opinions and trusted to make decisions. The result is an environment where people respect each other's contributions and take personal ownership in the product and the quality of service we deliver.

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"Since I started thinking about founding IRYStec, my highest priority has always been to surround myself with amazing people and build a great team. It seems like a simple goal but it takes a lot of effort and team work to keep the culture and spirit of our team. Every single new team member has a huge impact on our culture. IRYStec has become a family. Our family has been through the startup roller coaster together and only got stronger and closer. We are always looking for smart and passionate individuals to join our family & the extraordinary journey of building cutting-edge display software products."

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Tara Akhavan
Co-founder & CTO